Reliving One's Gratitudes

It must have been sometime in the early part of August when a minister's sermon challenged me to live-out his sermon for a week. If confessions are serious, I can state that I go to church listen to a preacher, and wonder if in a week’s time the sermon will make any difference. That’s my honest admission. Perhaps similar experiences can be expressed by others, whether they worship in a church, synagogue or a mosque. 
Larger than life Japhet De Oliveira, who recently became a pastor in Boulder, Colorado, was sporting his signature pink socks and brown shoes, and that day he was in his element. Pastor Japhet was convincing in his discourse, bringing Jesus Christ alive to his congregants, as he does week after week.
In conclusion, as a point to reenact Jesus’ contemporary influence, he invited listeners to consider taking a moment each day for the following week, and express gratitudes in our personal life, in a similar fashion to those whose stories are recorded in the Gospels.
Take a moment each morning and state what you are grateful for that day, he recommended.
This was Grazyna’s and my new encounter with Colorado. It was an adventure in discovering a place we selected as our destination for our future. So, we drove from the East coast across several states, covering 1,700 miles. We set to begin something new and exceptionally different from our life thus far.
After twenty years living in America, now we created our own new frontier and pilgrimaged into a pretty much unknown space and time. We visited Colorado before, and the Colorado sun was inviting us in a relentless beckoning. The Rockies, capped with a residue of Summer snow, took our sights higher.
Today, I am reliving those challenged-out gratitudes. As I said earlier, I listened to De Oliveira. I caught myself saying: Why don't you do this. Live this sermon out.
This blog piece is an effect of that week’s serious, personal, but also public statement. It was Tweeted then. My August recollections are my new pushing-the-borders blog woken up from hibernation, a few musings adorned with photographs.

Day One: Today, I am truly thankful for Grazyna - her love, care and making each day healthy and bright!

Day Two: A life with Christian faith and hope, and being assured of better things ahead!

Day Three: A Colorado move means enjoying the community, nature, clear air, spring water, and no humidity!

Day Four: For a locally grown food, organic, and natural; this is health maintenance!

Day Five: My teacher and later a mentor once said – Try harder, Ray. I listened. My life has changed. Are we grateful for those who believe in us?*

Day Six: There is little to say when you have a son who is … wiser than you! Grateful for Michal and his life!

Day Seven: Recurring one in seven – when space gives itself into time. Rest!

Thus was and continues to recur a Week of Gratitude! It repeats itself 24/7. Together with generosity, which is a topic demanding my personal unpacking at some other time, gratitude is a building block of a life of quality.

* Dr. Jan Paulsen, was my teacher at Newbold College in England. 


  1. Inspirational......a real dose of medicine for the soul! John and Patti Banks

  2. I'm grateful you express the world through images as well as words. Thanks.