Guest blog piece: Living Bodies, Living Foods or You Are What You Eat

Grażyna and I are enjoying good health these days. A statement like this begs an explanation.
            A few years ago, somewhere around 2004, my physician suggested that in order to maintain quality of life, I should slow down. My heart would work better. Then, after having a comprehensive health check-up, it was determined that there is a need to deal with a prostate cancer. I did that.
            A careful change in lifestyle, taking care of quality nutrition, exercising, and taking a day at a time – in my case – was matched, and even encouraged by Grażyna’s passionate embrace of learning and adopting healthy living, including putting on our table organically grown foods.
            Thus the Dąbrowski household life of healthy choices was born and turned into a conscious modus operandi.
            What follows is a guest blog entry by … Grażyna. She is working in Client Care Services at Adventist Risk Management, Inc. Here is her article, "Living Bodies, Living Foods," published today, March 13, in her company’s Solutions Newsletter (See: http://bit.ly/wy95Im - Reprinted by permission).

What started as a personal experiment, turned into a seven-year passion as I have journeyed the road of discovering raw foods and their benefits. In the spring of 2005, along with a group of my close friends, I embarked on a 21-day juicing and cleansing diet.
            Each of us did this for different reasons. Some dreamed about getting into their swimsuit before a summer beach vacation. Others, feeling stressed and unable to cope with demands of everyday living, looked for the promised energy increase, improved sleep, clearer thinking, and better concentration. Yet others, dealing with a particular health challenge, hoped for a cure. Each of us had different reasons for staying on the program, and in some way we all benefited from the results.
            During the cleansing and follow-up portion of the diet, only organic fruits and vegetables are used to get a maximum of nutrients. Plenty of pure, living spring water is also a must, to ensure removal of toxins and products of metabolic waste. (You can find a free spring water supply in your area, by going to www.findaspring.com)
            I recall my friends who took part in that adventure proudly displaying their thinner bodies, glowing skin, feeling healthier, energetic, and with more positive attitude.
            Although many of us found it hard to stay on the program the entire 21 days, the diet enabled us to change our eating habits. Some of us never went back to the way we ate before. Some included more fruits and vegetables in their diet. Others may have fallen of the wagon, but have never forgotten how to go back and reclaim the feeling of well-being.
            During this process I felt compelled to find out more about superfoods (goji berries, noni fruit, mangosteen, maca root, cacao beans, sea vegetables, marine phytoplankton, coconut oil, spirulina) and superherbs such as holy basil, turmeric extract, mucuna, rosehips, horsetail, stinging nettles, gingko biloba. I wanted to share with others how to strengthen and beautify their bodies.
            In the winter of 2009, I enrolled in the David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification program, offered by the BodyMind Institute in Alberta, Canada. In December of 2011 I completed the curriculum. I have learned how to live naturally, sustainably and successfully in this world.
            The Greek philosopher, Hippocrates, who is also referred to as the father of medicine, famously said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” A doctor-recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables might be hard to eat, but throwing it all in a blender, and drinking a nutritious green smoothie makes a much easier routine to follow.
            In my quest for staying healthy, I continue to be curious about how I can best nourish my body. Everyone knows the saying, “You are what you eat.” But how many of us take it seriously and make food choices that can affect us on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level? In all aspects of life – our work, exercise program, or nutrition – the little things add up. Health benefits are not achieved by something that is only done now and then. Consistency in healthy eating, exercise, and other choices is what makes the difference.
            An excellent customer service rule is based on three “C’s” – Consistency Creates Credibility. How about applying this golden rule to your living body? It will also lift your spirit up! –Grażyna Dąbrowska

NOTE: Be sure to consult your physician before making any changes to your regular diet or health care program.

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  1. Very nice! I like the stories you included in your personal journey and that of others. Also great words of encouragement for people to become aware of the food they eat and to actively think about what they put in their bodies as something that can be fun and not a burden.

    Awesome job! I'm looking forward to a monthly publication.. maybe even a health blog from this author :)