Moments to Remember

Summer months in Maryland can be rather overbearing. The 2010 summer months were both hot and humid. And very hot and very humid. One is better off when an opportunity allows to travel elsewhere. Over the last two-three years, a summer vacation in Poland offered moments one does not forget. One's camera usually doesn't lie when focused on people and their spaces.

A selection of moments to remember offers a few caught in a moment images from a land where people are fair, easy going, and romantic. Not many comments to make, so let the images offer a few thousand words ...

Amber craft vendor in Gdansk.

'There are millions of them swimming.' Scouts checking for fish at Sopot pier.

'A model I will become.' Sopot pier.

A boy with a black cat. Torun.

Moments happen. Who cares on Nowy Swiat [New World] Street? Warsaw.

Thirst will go away. Gdansk Old Town.

A T-shirt message. Things to do today: 1. get up; 2. live through it; 3. go to sleep. Gdansk.

Moving sands, near Leba.

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  1. Last Sunday I met a young Polish man who was here in SA on a leadership training programme. There were 32 young people from 27 different countries.
    How lucky you seem to have a very exciting, inspiring home-base.
    Go well