A Three-way Handshake Required

As I drove back toward Jerusalem, a sign near a Dead Sea restaurant stop said plenty: Go in Peace.

A thought crossed my mind, however. A sign millions continue to look for calls for another message. It could carry an invitation: Come in Peace.

In anticipation of a three-way handshake which could inaugurate a journey of forgiveness, reconciliation and mutual trust, here are a few photographs from the region of three Big Religions. The images speak their own language.

Here with best wishes for better things to come. Perhaps later this year?

Israeli soldiers praying at the Western Wall

Strolling the streets in Jerusalem

Jerusalem fare: Falafel and news

Jerusalem's Cafe: Meet me at the Hillel (which one?)

Sitting on a Jericho wall: Looking for a brighter future

East Jerusalem market: The art of symbolism

East Jerusalem: A merchant at the gate

Praying in Bethlehem: When will permanent peace come?

Jerusalem holy walk: Orthodox celebrants on the way to church
Below: Candles for peace in the Middle East are lit


  1. Oh I love the food in Israel!!! Nice pics.

  2. Your postings are always inspiring. This latest group of photos is outstanding. Truly a picture is worth more than a 1,000 words....especially yours.