Expressions From a Land of Wow

Every so often I ask myself what it is that makes me say "Wow!" when I experience seeing something of essence? Being involved with public relations on a daily basis, I often challenge myself and my colleagues not to accept "an OK" approach to what we do, but always aim at excellence.

It's a "Wow!" factor that one considers when designing a book, a commercial or a TV production, and so on. Will they watch and say ... wow, we wonder? Will they ask for more? Will they want to come back? Will they think differently?

In recent years, I admit, I have been hiding my photographs generally for my own benefit. But the other day a friend asked me to get my images out to the public. Those I have seen, they produce moments to reflect, he said.

So, as I prepared a set of 100 images I have taken in different parts of the world which I was asked to showcase for a TV program in South Africa, I looked for 10 or so that said "Wow!" to me. In doing so, I re-lived my own "wow" moments. I call them simply, my Leica moments.

Here are my own "wows." Enjoy!

A girl on a bus. Singapore.

A smile not to forget. Nairobi, Kenya.

A glimpse of joy. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

"I want to be famous." Hong Kong.

A moving light. Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru.

Blue eyes. Heidelberg, Germany.

A little Chaplin. Pune, India.

Shopkeepers's persuasion. Singapore.

"I can see you." Franschhoek, South Africa.

A woman in red. Singapore.
All photography - Copyright © 2010 by Rajmund Dabrowski


  1. Very compelling images. I love the captions! They're perfect. I love "I can see you", "Blue Eyes" and little Chaplain!

    I look forward to continued self-expression! As you well know, excellence dooms you to continued requirement for repetition. May your continued contribution to feeding our eyes, minds, and souls continue unabated and continually inspired!

  2. Thoroughly enjoy the creativity. You never cease to amaze me with your eye for this. Love the pictures and the variety of shots.


  3. I thought my comment went through the other day, but I guess it didn't! I wanted to say welcome back to the blogosphere and you wow'd me! I love 'woman in red' and 'little chaplain' the best. well done.

  4. Nice Ray. i really like Blue Eyes and I Can See You.

    I actually find A Smile Not To Forget a little troubling. Maybe it's just that the teeth are so prominent. The photo is successful though because it caused me to have an emotional reaction to it, which should be the goal of every photograph!!

  5. Wow, such confidence in the stare of "I want to be famous." I stared back for a good 5 minutes.