Expressions From a Land of Wow

Every so often I ask myself what it is that makes me say "Wow!" when I experience seeing something of essence? Being involved with public relations on a daily basis, I often challenge myself and my colleagues not to accept "an OK" approach to what we do, but always aim at excellence.

It's a "Wow!" factor that one considers when designing a book, a commercial or a TV production, and so on. Will they watch and say ... wow, we wonder? Will they ask for more? Will they want to come back? Will they think differently?

In recent years, I admit, I have been hiding my photographs generally for my own benefit. But the other day a friend asked me to get my images out to the public. Those I have seen, they produce moments to reflect, he said.

So, as I prepared a set of 100 images I have taken in different parts of the world which I was asked to showcase for a TV program in South Africa, I looked for 10 or so that said "Wow!" to me. In doing so, I re-lived my own "wow" moments. I call them simply, my Leica moments.

Here are my own "wows." Enjoy!

A girl on a bus. Singapore.

A smile not to forget. Nairobi, Kenya.

A glimpse of joy. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

"I want to be famous." Hong Kong.

A moving light. Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru.

Blue eyes. Heidelberg, Germany.

A little Chaplin. Pune, India.

Shopkeepers's persuasion. Singapore.

"I can see you." Franschhoek, South Africa.

A woman in red. Singapore.
All photography - Copyright © 2010 by Rajmund Dabrowski