This is an experiment

... and not that I need another one. But there we go. Holidays. I am learning how to deal with them. This 2008 Christmas Season obviously pushed me across another border - a border of the blogosphere. So, here I am with all the consequences that the ocean of verbage assaults our civilized world.
What is this blog about? It will be as real as I will attempt to make it. It will be also in the spirit of Abraham Joshua Heschel who said that "God is concerned with everydayness, with the trivialities of life." Thus I resonate with him that "the great challenge does not lie in organizing solemn demonstrations, but in how we manage the common place."
So, expect to see a selection of pictures from different parts of the world where for most of us life is about everydayness and making ends meet and where the challenged by poverty, injustice and intolerance. That's where I find borders to be crossed and joy to experience. 
That's to start with ... 


  1. Hey. Just wait for the photos. One image instead of a thousand words ... they say. Just kidding, Living ...

  2. Great to see you pushing another edge. I'm looking forward to the border-crossing vistas.

  3. Congratulations Ray. I am eager to see the photos...


  4. Thanks Ray!! Can't wait for more musings from the mind of the great Dabrowski! You are such an eloquent writer and I think part of the reason that I enjoy reading what you write is that you write how I think. And in the same way what I have written in the past. For example, purity can never be completely pure because it cannot contain impurity. Impurity can never be completely impure because it can never contain purity....;-))

  5. Ray- are we allowed to tell polish jokes on here . . . looks really good!

  6. What can I say? No Polack jokes are allowed. On second thought, since I can moderate the comments, you can say whatever you wish to say and I will have the last word! Welcome, Cliff.